Welcome to the Abundant Encounters News and Blogs section! Everything here is meant to help support your personal journey into many adventures with the reality of God. Joshua Marcengill is the main contributor. He's also the founder of AEI along with Mary Marcengill his wife. Here you'll find testimonies, encounter stories, and book reviews that we know will help with your desire to have more encounters. As you invest more and more into the subject of encounters, you will cultivate an awareness that will help you encounter God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit more in your everyday life. God is not short on encounters my friends. He's good, He loves you and there is always more!


Engaging with Your Anointing

"Take a second now to identify some anointing deposits that you’ve received through different supernatural moments in your life..."

COVID Illness Includes Demonic Attack

On a planned visit to see my mother she warned me doctors had diagnosed her with a bad case of hay fever...

When God Becomes Real - Book Review

In short, I couldn't put it down. You need this book! Especially men and men's groups!

What Heaven Celebrates

In Luke 15, Jesus invites us to consider heaven’s perspective on celebration. Apparently, heaven is celebrating lost things being found, los

A Miraculous Life - Book Review

I remember watching Bruce Van Natta's testimony early in my salvation (maybe 2009 or 2010). I was on youtube all the time trying to...

The River Journey - Book Review

Jesus asked Donna, “Would you like to come with Me… into the jungle...?” Excerpt from: “The River Journey” by Donna Marie Long where she...

Jesus Encounters are the Fear Vaccine

Symptoms may include but are not limited to; powerlessness, anxiety, hopelessness, paranoia, ever-increasing isolation from people and commu

Encountering the Father

I was just waking up to the realness of God. I didn't ask for it, and it was terrifying. I was like some kind of scared animal. I didn't kno

Abundant Supernatural Encounters

This article is an encouragement to the reader to steward supernatural encounters with tips on how to do that and how to cultivate more.

Charisma Article About Our Founder Joshua Marcengill

Hey AEI Family, we felt really blessed by a new friend Jarrad Laskey who interviewed Joshua Marcengill our founder and the author of the...

Be Loved, Beloved.

‘Love God and love others as you love yourself’ …breaks down pretty tragically when you do not love yourself. When you’re not patient,...

Building Capacity

Have you ever received a raise or a nice return on investment but nothing changed... without capacity, wealth can act like sand in our fist

Our Friends in Myanmar Need Your Loving Prayers

Please pray for protection and favor for our friends as we received this text this morning! A terrible contrast after yesterday when we had

Bibles in Burmese WarZone

2020 hasn't been easy for anyone, and Burma is no exception. Along with the shutdowns, the complexities of keeping people safe, Burma has...