Welcome to the Abundant Encounters News and Blogs section! Everything here is meant to help support your personal journey into many adventures with the reality of God. Joshua Marcengill is the main contributor. He's also the founder of AEI along with Mary Marcengill his wife. Here you'll find testimonies, encounter stories, and book reviews that we know will help with your desire to have more encounters. As you invest more and more into the subject of encounters, you will cultivate an awareness that will help you encounter God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit more in your everyday life. God is not short on encounters my friends. He's good, He loves you and there is always more!


When God Becomes Real - Book Review

In short, I couldn't put it down. You need this book! Especially men and men's groups!

Abundant Supernatural Encounters

This article is an encouragement to the reader to steward supernatural encounters with tips on how to do that and how to cultivate more.