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Your church needs it's own inner healing and deliverance ministry.

Your church needs its own active inner healing and deliverance ministry. There are many options for learning about techniques and how to do inner healing, but the piece that is often missing is the one-on-one guidance for how to effectively implement your lay counseling ministry in the church. We're not going to lie to you, it's not easy! It's not easy to get it going the right way that establishes these ministries and makes them a part of the culture of the church. 

What we do

- We hold sessions with church leadership to discover vision, purpose, and values.

- Provide inner healing and deliverance sessions for all ministry leaders. 

- Serve congregants while training and implementation are taking place.

- Provide inner healing retreats for ministry teams.

- We can help you choose the perfect Inner Healing and Deliverance ministry to meet your congregation's needs. 

What we don't do

- We don't pick your inner healing and deliverance ministry certification provider (you choose for example; Biblical Counseling, Sozo ministry, Emmanuel approach, Heart Sync, RTF etc.)

Schedule a Call or Email with Us

If you have questions, please schedule a brief call with us: 

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