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Building Capacity

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Have you ever received a raise or a nice return on investment but nothing changed about your quality of life?

Without capacity, wealth can act like sand in our fist, we can't keep a grip on it.

So, how do we build capacity?

The short answer is, we don't.

"Whenever I was in distress, you enlarged me." Psalms 4:1b

He enlarges us. We don't build it, we steward it after it comes to us from God.

There's peace in knowing this, but not just that.

There's clarity too.

From a human perspective, it's pretty reasonable for us to assume that the harder we work at something the better off we'll become as a result. The really confusing thing is that sometimes this does seem to work but it's just not the way it worked. The truth is--and this is helpful to know if you can hear it--that God determines our purpose, our destiny and gives and brings about capacity.

It's not just any purpose or destiny either, it is the most suited for who we are and who He's designed us to be. It fits us. If He's called us to be a martyr, or if He's called us to be a billionaire, you can have faith that it will somehow uniquely and authentically fit you.

He builds our capacity with or without our knowledge, but we can watch Him do it when we are firm in our identity and connected to Him!

From our perspective advances come when we trust like David who was in distress in Psalms 4 saying, "when I was in distress you enlarged me."He saw it, David recognized he was being enlarged during an otherwise painful experience. He knew enough about the goodness of God to believe that somehow He would bring an increase. Most of us will, at least at first, miss this kind of enlarging until our trust is really manifested within us. Our trust is part of who we are. We might be enlarged without this but we can become more able to receive capacity and not work against it or slip back into a previous lack of it by knowing our identity and trusting God with it.

The thing is if you know your destiny and purpose is to be a billionaire but you are currently not wealthy, then you know that Your Father will be building your capacity. He’ll have a plan and He’ll work that plan with you. He'll use everything that is working against that financial wealth to build it. Once it is your capacity you won't be able to stop the financial increases. It will never be an added work, it will just fit rightly. Without that enlargement however you won't be wealthy even if it is your destiny. The process just doesn't get skipped. We know this because of how many people win the lottery but never become wealthy.

If you're in a spot today, I pray for peace to come. Look to your Father God, invite Him into it and see what He brings. Ask great questions to Him, like, 'why is this so awkward?' or back it up and ask, 'Father God, are you proud of me?' and let Him respond. Write down anything that comes about whether it's a feeling, a vision or anything you notice no matter how small. Build your ability to trust anyway you need to because it will be worth it.

Click here for a helpful video for understanding more about capacity building from Stephen K DeSilva's ministry. If you'd like to receive a Financial Sozo session, Bibles for All is now offering sessions and you can schedule online from our services offered page. I, Joshua Marcengill, have been certified by DeSilva's ministry.

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