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Every Christian should be able to hear and experience God (John 17)

We are so grateful for your financial support to this ministry! Please choose the level of giving that speaks to your heart. Please also consider giving monthly to help us build and grow together with you into the future. We can assure you that all donations are 100% secure and will go toward the Abundant Encounters Cause to help develop way that equip people and cultures to experience God.

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Make an impact

Thank you so much for your generosity! This will help and will go a long way in our ministry to reach far and wide.


You Decide!

The best way to give is to give from your peace. Ask God how much and then give whatever you hear Him say. The Bibles says He speaks to all those who love Him (John 10:27). That means you can hear your Heavenly Father's voice and this may be an opportunity to trust Him with that.


Give a little

If a lot of people give a little then we can crush goals and reach the lost together. Thank you for being a part of the answer!

Other options for giving:

VENMO: @abundantencounters

CASHAPP: $AbundantEncounters

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