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16 Ways Inner Healing Will Help You with Your Career

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Feel the weight lifted off.
Feel the weight lifted off.

Inner Healing is an assisted prayer session with a trained facilitator. The facilitator utilizes biblical tools almost like a counselor, but where you work together to personally hear from Holy Spirit, Jesus, and Father God on inner areas of brokenness, places where you feel stuck, and so much more. The Bible makes it clear that we can hear from God when we are his sheep and helps us understand the importance of maintaining our connection to God in realistic and practical ways. God’s goal in healing us from the inside out is always love, freedom, increased joy, hope, personal growth, and capacity. Father God is our healer and our defender, Jesus came to set the captives free and heal the brokenhearted, and Holy Spirit is our counselor. Here are sixteen ways that God can help you through inner healing ministry:

  1. Encounter: God is real, and because He is real, we can connect with Him. Many are never the same after having a real encounter with the reality of God through Jesus Christ. Encounters are moments you share with God when you truly know that He is real. Being seen by God and seeing Him will kill off the false self and allow you to truly put on the new creation-loved self.

  2. Self-awareness: Good fathers are those who help you know who you are. Father God made you and knows you better than you know yourself. His perspective of you is healing because he doesn’t see the false you. He sees your heart.

  3. Overcoming Limiting Beliefs: The Truth sets us free and is always better than we think; the truth is not against us; it’s for us. If all your thinking has gotten you to the same place, it may be time to have another thought. Don’t let limiting beliefs stop you from moving forward in life any longer.

  4. Work-life Balance: Even God rested on the seventh day, it’s your turn now. Resting is a lifestyle and isn’t the absence of work, but the presence of Christ’s perfection. He was perfect for us and so we are now free to bring joy, hope, and freedom into our work lives rather than the fear of punishment and false responsibility.

  5. Confidence and Assertiveness: The Bible tells us that the whole earth is groaning in anticipation for the sons and daughters of God to be revealed. The confidence that comes from Father God is bold and full of courage.

  6. Purpose and Calling: Father God isn’t keeping your purpose and calling hidden from you. He’s keeping it protected for you. The Bible says to come and see, and when we seek His purpose and calling for our lives, the Bible makes it clear that we will find it.

  7. Emotional Intelligence: We all need the ability to empathize, attune, and communicate with purity in our hopes and motivations for others in our relationships. God can handle our emotions and strengthen us to love and work with others with our whole hearts.

  8. Resilience and Adaptability: Jesus equips us with practical tools to navigate setbacks, challenges, and changes in our lives. He helps us to cultivate resilience, enables us to bounce back from failures and adapt to new circumstances with grace and perseverance.

  9. Leadership Development: People follow genuine wholeness and those who have the capacity for humility, compassion, and integrity. Authentic servant hearts that lead people with empathy, passion, and authority are people who stay connected to Father God through Jesus Christ. Inner Healing can help restore and maintain that connection for a lifestyle of servant-leadership.

  10. Decision-Making and Discernment: Every purpose and calling flows from the throne room of God’s kingdom. Inner Healing can help solidify our foundations in those truths so that decisions are clearer and more consistent. Long-term goals and direction don’t have to be a mystery when we learn to go to God for wisdom and discernment.

  11. Networking and Relationship Building: Relationships can get messy, but Inner Healing can help us cut through the hardness of our hearts so that there is joy in connecting with others and bringing new people into our lives.

  12. Professional Growth and Continuous Learning: Inner healing help break off the chains that keep us stuck and will help promote a glory-to-glory growth mindset, encouraging us to embrace lifelong learning and personal development.

  13. Stress Management: Inner healing techniques, such as prayer, meditation, and mindfulness, provide us with effective stress management tools. They can help individuals alleviate work-related stress, maintain mental well-being, and find balance amidst demanding work environments.

  14. Work-Life Integration: Inner healing encourages professionals to view their careers as an integral part of their overall life journey. It promotes a holistic approach to work-life integration, helping individuals find harmony between their professional aspirations, personal relationships, and spiritual well-being.

  15. Authenticity and Integrity: Inner healing emphasizes the importance of authenticity and integrity in one's career. It encourages professionals to align their actions and decisions with Kingdom values, fostering a reputation for honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct.

  16. Fulfillment and Joy: Ultimately, Christian inner healing seeks to bring individuals into a place of deep fulfillment and joy in their careers. It helps us align our work with our faith and values, enabling us to find true satisfaction in making a positive impact through our life’s contributions.

Abundant Encounters offers several types of Inner Healing, including Encounter Sozos and Financial Sozos check out our services here:


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Get a coupon code for 10% off any of our services offered when you sign up for our newsletter and updates.

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