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COVID Illness Includes Demonic Attack

On a planned visit to see my mother she warned me doctors had diagnosed her with a bad case of hay fever. I decided I better go take care of her for a few days despite that. As soon as I got to her house I could discern something was off in the atmosphere. I met with her and saw how disoriented she was. It was clear she needed to go to the ER. After finally convincing her, we arrived and were brought to a cold little room where they informed us she had COVID. Just like that I entered the common nightmare of everyone on the planet today.

In that cold little room, I immediately began to hear the enemy. A sort of noisy broadcast showed up right away with visuals and narratives that flooded my mind with doom. It filled my thoughts with every kind of “it’s-all-over” narrative. It used everything in my life against me and despite my dogged efforts it kept dragging and tugging me down. As I began to get sick with COVID too the attack only amplified. I went from preparing for my own funeral to overwhelming depression and even suffered a panic attack as I found myself unable to breath one night. The physical and the mental in a symphonic dirge.

How did I know it was a spiritual broadcast? Well, this isn’t my first time dealing with a demonic spiritual broadcast. In fact, around 2009 the Lord gave me a month off from the broadcast of suicidal thoughts I had been experiencing since I was nine years old. At the time I didn’t understand it was a broadcast. I had always thought it was just me because it was in my head, and it used my voice.

One day after 18 years of experiencing the suicidal thoughts they suddenly stopped. A month went by and like clockwork they began again on day 32. I had thought the Lord delivered me from them entirely so I was mad with God and asked, “How could you let “them” back in!” as I said that, the word, “them” stuck out to me. Right there I realized it was a “them” and it wasn’t me.

They had my voice, they were in my head but it was a “they”. I quickly realized that what God had done was to equip me by exposing them for what they were. They were ministering spirits like in Hebrews 1:14 but they were fallen ministering spirits. They were ministers of death. A demonic broadcast I now knew how to tune out and expose to defend myself spiritually. This has come in handy many times for spiritual warfare but I never thought this was what COVID would be like too.

The CDC reported that depression and anxiety seem to be increasing. I want people to know that this broadcast of death can be exposed! Check out this new counsel we're offering here at Abundant Encounters that will help you to expose the lies and deception of any demonic broadcast by leaning on our relationship with God:

This article was originally written for Charisma Online Media. Here is a link to that article.

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